Goddess Sessions

Strength. Beauty. Confidence.


The intention of Goddess Sessions is to get in touch with, and celebrate the inner light and powerful, unique goddess in each of us. Your strength and authenticity is something to be honored and celebrated.

Sessions are in the studio with decadent outfits, props, and fabric to choose from that intuitively speaks to you. Feel free to bring your own jewelry, outfits, and props that highlight your inner Goddess, and make you, you.

If you are drawn to the power of nature, sessions are available in your desired setting. Cascading water, lush fields, and flower gardens await.

Interested in past Goddess Sessions? Connect with our Private Facebook Group to learn more.


What can I expect in a Goddess Session?

Before your session date, I will have you in the studio where we can envision your portrait together. This is when we can discuss all you will want the day-of— props, outfits, special artifacts & objects, hair & makeup, and more. Do you want to be in-studio or out in nature? This is time for us to create and dream-up your authentic session.

The day of your session, we will put the vision into action. Our studio has beautiful natural light, gauzy fabrics, and a plethora of props to achieve the desired Goddess strength you emanate. With unlimited outfit changes and a feeling of timelessness, we will create a space of total empowerment and beauty.

Still ringing from your session, you will arrive back at the studio for a viewing of images. This is when I will help you place an order of your favorites in prints, digital files, canvases, or an album.


Interested in bringing all your girls in for a Goddess Session?

We offer Goddess Nights in-studio!

What are the details?

Similar to our former offering ‘Ladies Nights’, this is an alternative to a classic night with your group— it is both a photo session, and a space to completely unwind & dip into the Goddess realm with your girls. We transform the studio into a haven of glamour— soft lighting, dresses to change into, makeup and hair stations, your music of choice, and snacks to enjoy. Every Goddess gets both a group & individual portrait in her desired look.

Sessions can be day or night- call now to set up your group time in the studio!