What People Say...


I honestly never knew how important a professional photo is to enhance visibility and generate credibility. Working with Danielle was fun and she helped me to find a lighter side of myself. She also helped me arrange to have my hair and makeup done before the session. Getting a good photograph isn’t easy. It really matters.

Jan Bouch, Psy.D., PCC, CEC,MCCT,mBit Coach


Danielle was a dream to work with. She was very invested in giving me the images I wanted. She was personable, patient, and fun. She adapted to what I wanted while also asserting her professional opinion. I look forward to working with her again!!!

Robyn Coady


I was apprehensive about my first photo shoot with Danielle, but she made all worries dissipate as soon as we got started talking about what I envisioned for the photo shoot. Her playfulness, curiosity and generosity of spirit made working with her a true delight. She can play with light and contrast as if endowed with the powers of a magician.

Luis Feliz


Danielle is that photographer who finds beauty where it lies. Whether they are pictures she has taken of me pregnant, of my newborn child, my cranky teenager her senior year, or pictures of hard working women or children with challenging lives I am always amazed at how she brings out beauty in her pictures. There is no unnatural posing or artificial creation of beauty, she just finds it and allows it to shine through. She finds it through the conversation with and appreciation of her subjects. She finds it in the light that surrounds them. She finds it in the eyes and the hard earned wrinkles that tell a person's story. I can look at her pictures over and over and see something new and beautiful every time.

- Karen Orlando


Thank you so much for the custom portrait session!

You are an extremely professional, dedicated and inspiring photographer to work with. Although we just met, I felt like I’d known you for years. You made me feel completely at ease in front of your camera. And to capture various styles of my personality with multiple poses, clothing changes and props made for an enjoyable time.

The atmosphere at your Eastworks Studio is very relaxed and comfortable with lovely décor, high ceilings,

beautiful natural light, and the outdoor space has several different elements- textured plaster walls, brick walls with graffiti, industrial doors and windows. The pictures had a really funky, stylish editorial feel that I LOVE! The hardest part was

trying to limit the selection of my favorite pics at our review session.

So happy with the results! I would recommend Danielle Tait Photography to all who are looking for amazing service and beautifully captured images.

- Donna Cote


I am so happy with the portrait that Danielle Tait photographed of my grand daughters. They will only be five and three once, but there they are holding hands, in black and white.

Peggy Fiddler


Danielle really understands how to bring out the best in her subjects. The shoot was so fun that I didn't want it to end. I had the choice of many excellent shots, and she helped a lot with narrowing them down. I couldn't be more pleased.

- Stephanie Carlson


I worked with Danielle on corporate photography for a website, in addition to a headshot. I explained my goals for the photographs and provided the materials. Danielle worked with me to bring my concepts to life. My favorite part was creating together, since she showed me some of the shots as we went along, which allowed us to refine the concepts and create appropriate final shots. Danielle also provided resources for an unusual flower bouquet and image retouching to achieve a special effect. Afterward, she provided 84 photos from which to choose my five final shots and helped me to make a selection. It was fun to work with Danielle and she provided a quality, professional product. I highly recommend Danielle Tait Photography.

- Christine Osterwalder


I was pretty nervous about having a photo shoot, since that was something I hadn't done before. When Danielle and I met to plan the session, she was really calm and also enthusiastic about the ideas that I had. She made me feel like it was going to be fun, not a chore. When the big day came, she was gently directive about what she thought would look appealing, and I found that working with her during the shoot was actually wonderful. I thought her prices were fair, and the photos themselves are stunning. It was an enjoyable process from end to end, and I'm grateful to Danielle.

Brooke Norton


‘An extraordinary session’

Nothing can touch your heart like a moment in time that is preserved forever in a photograph. An image opens up memories in your mind that you hold dearly, a reminder of the journey that your life has taken you on and of the love you’ve shared. I’ve been fortunate in my life to cross paths with Danielle Tait, whose skill and artistry have captured such a moment in time for me with my grandchildren.

On a cold autumn day in November Danielle welcomed us into her cozy studio where my grandchildren and I were greeted with refreshments to enjoy before starting our photo session. Danielle took great care in getting to know each of them with a friendly chat and broke the ice immediately. She had wisely asked me to tell her all about them at our meeting the week before the session and she also offered expert advice on how we might choose our clothing for the photo shoot and explained how color plays a key role.

Our photo session was seamless because of Danielle’s careful planning and her knowledge of how to literally present each of us in the best light possible – individually and together. Her technique combines traditional studio portrait settings with unconventional backdrops, taking the older kids out of the studio into the Eastworks building where their individuality can be expressed - my 13 year old grandson, arms crossed, smiling from a hallway, my 10 year old granddaughter gracefully aloft a dance floor in her ballet slippers. And while those photos were being taken, my 3 year old granddaughter is happily painting (and sneaking in a few Hershey’s kisses) back in the studio on an easel that Danielle has provided. Everyone is enjoying the experience.

The ease with which Danielle carefully creates her settings is reflected in her subject’s smiles, natural and relaxed, not at all stiff and forced as some photo portraits can sometimes be. She takes meticulous attention to details, large and small, that can make all the difference in taking a successful photograph. The results speak for themselves. My son and daughter-in-law were thrilled with the photos and folio box and I know that my portrait with my grandchildren on canvas will always give me great joy.

Danielle brings a special kind of talent to her photographic skills, which is a heartfelt understanding of her subject. A gifted photographer, an amazing person, Danielle’s artistry creates those images which become loved moments of a lifetime forever.

-Susan Forrest


While accepting the somewhat artificial nature of a deliberate photo shoot to begin with, one of the first things we shared with Danielle was that we wanted a family portrait that was as natural as a portrait could be. We didn't want cutesy shots of my daughter sniffing dandelions, just us together in a way we would be on any given day. Danielle listened and delivered. She even won over our reticent teenage son and managed to get him to smile. The end product was just as we'd hoped.

Danielle was easy to work with, relaxed and ego-free. I wish she'd shown more appreciation for the snake I caught during the shoot, but that aside, I'm glad we hired the right person. Highly recommended.


I worked with Danielle for my professional headshots as well as creating a portfolio of shots for personal branding. Danielle was thoughtful, creative, skilled, and best of all she was able to help me relax, laugh, and enjoy the shoot! Prior to the shoot we discussed clothing, jewelry, hair, and makeup and she gave thoughtful feedback to guide me. On the day of the shoot, she was full of calm energy and great ideas for me to consider as we worked, which helped me focus on what I truly wanted. Working with Danielle was an experience I treasure, and every time I look at my photos I remember how much fun it was!